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All the best, Great Rahim…

Getting an opportunity to work with a matured teammate, who understands you and can read your mind, is a rare phenomenon in this part of the world. Great teammates don’t just come by; you may have to create them or build them.
However, I think I have been blessed to have great teammates at the workplaces wherever I had gone to serve. Somehow, all my teammates got connected with my psyche and I with them. May be I am lucky.
I may have made it through with the help of all my great teammates I had worked with. But working with Rahim had given me a different kind of understanding about a team as well as how much one can depend on his or her team.
Rahim is making a career move and leaving our company for a better opportunity. While I feel sad that he is leaving us, but at the same time, I feel happy for him that he would be able to contribute greatly at his new workplace. I’ve already started envying his recruiter that they had taken a very wise decision by welcoming a man like him.
Rahim has been a ubiquitously dependable resource for our team with unwavering resilience and patience. He never said no to anything. Rahim’s experience along with his own eagerness to solve problems has given a holistic approach to his work.
He isn’t a showoff which many in this corporate world are. He has a unique ability to get everything done at any cost, but most of the people around him won’t realize what he has been doing to accomplish things. This is the reason many don’t understand how valuable Rahim is and has been.
I’m confident that his new workplace would immensely benefit from his devotion and analytical insight and allow him to lead his team with his foresight. I also hope that they listen to his guidance. The corporate world suffers from a plague by hardly listening to their Comms guys.
All the best, Rahim; we will miss you but we will always remain there for each other.

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