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  • Love in the Time of Curfew

    When curfew fell on the city like resounding khaki-coloured fog Everyone had to rush home after a shopping frenzy When the convoy emerged from the dark like a dog, smelling flesh Even wives of police officers started worrying about their husbands When the good men have all gone home to…

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  • The rootless

    Photo: Google

    When I draw near you, the streets make grinding sounds as if we’re on an alien planet where we need huge machines to survive. When I extend myself towards you, the river emits queasy reek as if I’m sailing through a trench full of filth. When I offer a drink…

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  • Four poems

    Photo: African Writers/Google

    Missing you Drizzles escort chill through my window panes that don’t have your reflections but the clouds say they’ve spoken to you on their way to summer from yours; and they sprinkle your words on me. Love There she was Like the dew on petals Uniting with sunlight Dazzling my…

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