Photo: African Writers/Google

Four poems

Missing you

Drizzles escort chill through
my window panes that
don’t have your reflections
but the clouds say
they’ve spoken to you
on their way to summer
from yours; and they sprinkle
your words on me.


There she was
Like the dew on petals
Uniting with sunlight
Dazzling my heart.

The return

I knew you’d come back
You don’t know that way
You can’t leave
the air filled with
the smell of date juice,
Not at all.
You’d return to see
the waves on our paddy field
dancing through snaky countryside path
with your saree lifted
up to your knees
at me, towards me.
Something you left here
not pearls, not riches,
You left me, me
the one who has nested
in your core, your heart
who’ll never leave you.


Who am I?
A little more than a rejected one
A little less than a loved one
I pant for breath of passion
When I am deposed from it
She unseats me every morning
I struggle restoring myself to my throne
Every night
But there’s always a morning
Also waiting to see me overthrown
I feel like a cork in the wine bottle
Every night.

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