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In defence of dreams of our Hero Aloms

A vernacular daily very recently have reported that a total of 12,000 people have shown their aspirations for becoming members of the parliament in the upcoming national polls. These are Bangladeshi citizens who have sought nominations to contest in the election from various political parties.

Isn’t that amazing? This is for the first time so many people have dreamt of becoming a member of the parliament. Among this lot, most of them have are politically connected and there are many ordinary-but-popular persons who previously had no links with politics. For the political persons, we may term this as a political career aspiration. The ordinary-but-popular persons are quite popular in their professional arenas.

Take Mashrafe Bin Murtaza, for example, who’s one of the most popular persons in Bangladesh. He is also a man who has shown his leadership qualities in his own arena. Now, with all his background, possibilities and being in a socially advantageous situation, we’re thinking of getting ready to showering him with laurels when he wins. No one has raised any eyebrows. We’ll ask him the questions what led him to decide to contest in the national elections, but we will ridicule him.

However, our eyebrows are raised when an entertainment professional named Ashraful Alom Saeed alias Hero Alam expressed his willingness to become a member of the parliament. He becomes news and a character of TV talk shows. He is asked tough questions with a tinge of ridicule and sarcasm.

The story of Mashrafe is a patronized success with his own brainfull of leadership qualities. The challenge of Mashrafe is to prove himself with the full support of the society. On the other hand, Hero Alom’s the story of struggle with absolutely no support from anyone. Alam has been all alone in his survival ordeal. He used to earn his livelihood by selling CDs; then he became a cable operator and then he had his own YouTube channel now which is immensely popular among the netizens across Bangla environment.

This isn’t the first time Alom is contesting in the elections. He has done that twice before as an independent candidate but lost. It was at that time he announced that he would, one day, contest in the national elections.

We may have many questions about his ability of becoming a member of the parliament, but should we mock at him if he has a dream of serving his nation and playing role in nation-building? I believe not; any citizen, if he or she can meet the qualifying criteria, has every right to contest in any election in the country. The ones who are raising the eyebrows and ridiculing him are, perhaps, trying to say that “Alom is a comedian and he should continue to entertain us; that’s his limit; he should have limits on his dreams”.

Why would someone limit his or her dreams? My wish, my dreams are faster than the light itself. There are millions of Aloms in this country who dream of a better life, who dream of a better tomorrow – for themselves, for the nation. What if I [Ekram] dream of becoming a member of the parliament? I may be questioned on my experience and my ability, but I’m sure no one would ridicule me. Why? Because I don’t belong to the disadvantaged strata of the society.

Who says Alom will do the same things as he is doing now? Has he ever failed in his odyssey to survive? He has been successful in all his dreams.

Why ridicule the dreamers? Because they aren’t thinking logically? Who said dreams are logical? Dreams are the basis of human existence. I think Alom is a larger-than-life character and he should be felicitated for his decision to become a member of parliament.

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