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Oh Forever, my Forever!

I love FLP products.

For more than a decade, my family and I have been using the food supplements and some of the skincare products manufactured by Forever Living – the aloe company.

In a world mired to deceive and dishonesty, the FLP had come as a bliss a blessing for many in Bangladesh. We could consume and use FLP products without a shred of doubt in our minds. I will always be thankful to the person – Rex Maughan – who conceived the idea to initiate a company that serves people and helps people.

I also became a distributor for this company when it had started its operation in Bangladesh. Interestingly, I did some good business and sold FLP products to many people singlehandedly. My customers were pleased with the products. They said they finally had some products they could rely on.

However, unfortunately, I couldn’t continue as I was engaged in a highly time-demanding job. Slowly my business died down. But I continued to buy FLP products such as Bee Pollen, Arctic Sea, Fields of Green, Aloe Toothgel, Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Jelly and many more.

Years passed, and I was very happy with my FLP products, which greatly benefitted my family and me. My mother used live on Aloe Vera Gel. It kept her alive.

My love for FLP intensified.

Suddenly, about three or so years ago, most Forever products vanished from the Bangladesh market. I noticed a funny dillydally in the distributor who used to sell them to me. He told me the pharmaceutical giants of this country were active against FLP supplements. They [the pharma] wanted to manufacture those same supplements, lobbying against FLP.

That was sad.

They said the Customs Office of Bangladesh was not releasing FLP products. FLP started toiling in Bangladesh. I advised them many times to develop a team in FLP for stakeholder management. The team members would know about the laws of the land, keep a good relationship with all relevant stakeholders, visit them regularly, and create a space for the company.

FLP didn’t understand the value of stakeholder management. If they did, they would have formed a corporate affairs team to pave the way for the company’s smooth operation in this country.

FLP Central did nothing to make its products available in Bangladesh.

Then came Covid.

I thought FLP centre would do something about it. I kept looking and looking and asking and asking. Nop; nothing. Covid was a golden opportunity for FLP distributors in Bangladesh. People at large started thinking about their health and immunity against the virus. Many foreign supplements manufacturers did incredible business on social media and digital platforms.

FLP distributors were nowhere to be found. Oh, how they missed this enormous opportunity.

I just met my FLP distributor last week. I requested a few items. As always, he couldn’t provide what I asked for.

It looks like FLP is dying in Bangladesh. Dying for several reasons –
• FLP didn’t recruit the right people for its management in this country. They should have spent time in their recruitment process. The persons who have been running the company here are not service providers; they are big time clerks, just working for payroll and themselves and not for the company. All these clerks act like bureaucrats, and they have an extremely bossy attitude toward the distributors, who are the lifeblood of FLP operations.
• The senior management that runs FLP from thousands of miles away from USA didn’t do proper research. They didn’t spend time on Bangladesh market. They should have allowed Mr Trump to do the research. I believe the FLP senior management wasn’t sincere, and they are still not.
• Network marketing had already become a taboo in Bangladesh, and people and the media had started disbelieving in companies engaged in network marketing. I haven’t seen anyone from FLP coming to Bangladesh and convincing Bangladesh authorities to develop a network marketing policy in this country.

There were many things FLP high-ups could have done. All they did was exhume a flurry of tall talks for attracting distributors to the company. Well, the distributors came running, but now they have nothing to sell, nothing to offer.

Dear FLP America: listen carefully. Please be serious about the Bangladesh market. Send a team to Bangladesh and allow them to stay for a month or for longer period of time and revamp your operation. You have promised a lot to Bangladeshi distributors, hundreds of whom had left their regular jobs and joined your company for hope.

What a pity! I miss my FLP products!

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