New Prophets

The day they wanted to cut my hair off, I lost my spirit, That says the universe Is made of circles with No beginning, no ending I was taught to speak English I was taught to become an American The day they taught me the universe Was made of squares, That began and will end. […]


What I expect from religions

It is very heartening to see that about a thousand religious leaders from 125 countries and from 17 faiths have gathered in Lindau, Germany at the Religions for Peace Conference 2019 that began on August 20 and ended on August 23. This is the 10th edition of the World Assembly for religions. The assembly theme […]


Terror in the name of religion

To my mind, there‚Äôs no other land as beautiful as Sri Lanka; it is the first country that I had visited outside Bangladesh and a country that I have visited several times in my life. I always found the Sri Lankan people to be most hospitable and friendly. It is the land that evokes various […]