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Think like a tagline while writing an email subject line

The subject line of an email is crucial to grab the attention of the person[s] we are sending the message. The subject line has to evoke the curiosity of our target audience. I have seen very few persons spend some moments writing effective subject lines that entice the receiver [most often office colleagues and customers] to read the whole message.
The first thing to do is think about who we are writing for. Why is the email necessary for the recipient? How will our email help the receiver[s]? What problem will our email solve in their work or life?
A few simple questions. If these questions are answered, we may be pretty close to understanding how we may craft the subject line.
Action verbs [for example, run, jump, kick, eat, break, cry, smile, or think] are very effective for email subject lines. The prospects of readers reading our email subject line and reading the rest of the content increase if we include action verbs.
We can also use preview text, which appears next to the subject line. Once the reader clicks on the preview, they will know exactly what to expect in the email and will be more likely to open and read the message. The subject line must relate to the content of our email, but it should not tell the whole story.
Remember, people do not have time to open emails.
Personalizing our subject lines may be an excellent way to increase our open rates and encourage engagement. It is easy these days. Technology has enabled us to name all recipients individually in a subject line.
Many ask questions in a subject line. Many can get upset or angry if we ask them a question in our subject line. But if we are looking to get an email opened, writing a question in the subject line may help us [but not in all cases] get the email opened. Here are some examples – ‘Do you have a sec?’ ‘Did you know…?’ ‘Are you looking for…?’
You may test it for see how it works, but the golden rule while writing an email subject line is to include the question in the body of the email.
Focusing on writing a captivating and engaging subject line is the best idea.
The subject line cannot be uninspiring. This forces recipients to read the email to discover what it is about. A subject line for an email should contain specific information, such as a coworker or job application. Remembering the purpose of our email when we write a subject line for an email is crucial.
Think like a tagline while writing the subject line.

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