This is why we should become vegans

We can become vegans for many reasons. They include: animals have a right to life, animal agriculture is harmful to our environment, and a vegan diet is healthier for our hearts. All these reasons are valid. But here are additional reasons you should be vegan.
Animals are routinely treated cruelly in the farming and fishing industry. These animals are often not given food or water. They are also like us and feel the pain when we kill them. Imagine someone is killing us, cooking and eating us! How would we feel?
Cattle and other livestock raisings, which cause widespread deforestation, lead to depleted soil. The soil that has been depleted is not suitable for plant growth. In addition, farmers over-cultivate land for animal feed, destroying nutrients that would otherwise remain in the soil. As a result, the earth’s resources are rapidly depleting, leaving the land unsuitable for plant growth.
A plant-based diet is much healthier for our hearts than a typical diet. Many studies have found that vegans have a lower risk of coronary heart disease. Many of these foods are rich in potassium, a key nutrient that lowers blood pressure and protects the bones. Vegetables have all nutrients that our bodies need.

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